My first professional reading was quite bizarre and I think the universe was testing me to see how serious I really was to do this work.

Before my client arrived I meditated, prayed and welcomed the group of spirits who would be arriving with her. My experience with friends had shown that we all have a group of spirits around us. Acknowledging that I am the channel for the information and not the source I also asked my spirit helpers for their help and guidance with whatever was needed at this time.  As I was depending on them for all the information I didn’t want to be left alone.  Continue Reading »


‘We want to know about our daughter, Melinda’ he said.

In the reading I had given to David and Jane, I had spoken about their little three year old daughter with light blonde shoulder length wavy hair and beautiful cornflower blue eyes. To me she looked a picture of health.  Continue Reading »

In Maria’s consultation I saw a fertile undulating valley I recognised as being some miles inland from the Gold Coast where I live.  I also saw Maria bending over tending to a garden there. ‘Do you like gardening?’ I asked. Continue Reading »

Shakespeare put it succinctly when he said we are merely actors playing parts on the stage of life. Each lifetime is just another play we get to participate in.  He mightn’t have said it exactly like that but you get the idea.

A client came with her sister for a consultation. After information was given I asked the client if there were any further questions she wanted to ask?

‘Yes. I want to know why my six year old son doesn’t take any notice of me. When I tell him to do something he just ignores me and goes his own merry way. My daughter isn’t like that.’ Continue Reading »

Barbie, a Siamese cat was a much loved member of Dr Harry Oldfield’s household.  She had entrenched herself so well into the family she was like a family member. When she passed into the spirit realm Harry said it felt like a  daughter had departed. This is Harry and ‘Barbie’s story as I remember Harry telling it. Continue Reading »

For those who believe only humans have souls read no further if you don’t want my experience offering a more realistic  point of view.

Clients sometimes ask if animals live on. To that is an emphatic ‘yes!’ I have seen two of my much loved dogs in spirit. One, Rusty,  a dear little corgi, who tragically died from a tick bite used to come to me every time my other corgi, a sickly little dog’s health was going to deteriorate. He knew before any outward signs appeared and I don’t know if its true, but want to believe it was his way of saying he did not hold my ignorance responsible for his death.

Another of my dogs, Honey, was from the pound and was an attempt by me to replace Rusty in our home. Honey was supposed to be a corgi but if she was she must have been given heaps of steroids and other growth hormones. Despite her  dubious  mixed  linage she was a beautiful natured dog. While she was with us in life she enriched our household by her love and companionship and I have had the pleasure of seeing  her in spirit.

My psychic friend Margaret, told me of a friend of hers, David,  who had a phobia about his hands being dirty. He was always washing them, always trying to get them clean. His phobia stemmed from a life as a centurion when the Romans were persecuting the Christians. David was one of the centurion guards at the Colosseum whose responsibility was to make sure no one, man, woman or child escaped. The instructions given were clear; guards were to kill any Christian trying to get away.

David’s sympathy was with the Christians but he was also trained as a soldier and he usually followed his orders and butchered anyone trying to escape. Sometimes his other nature came to the fore and he did help some Christians flee but this unresolved internal conflict set in place then is now in this lifetime. It is David’s attempt at washing the blood of the innocent off his hands.