Do Animals Have a Sixth Sense

A friend who worked in a nursing home for seniors spoke of the home’s pet cat. Their cat instinctively knew ahead of time when one of the elderly inhabitants was going to pass on and two or three days prior to this would sit most of the day on the person’s bed until the end. The pet cat was so accurate in timing it gave the home a chance to notify relatives to come and say their goodbyes before it became too late.


An Interesting Out-of-body (Astral) Experience.

One night I woke to a strange scene. I was in my bedroom and the light there was like a twilight. I assumed from the light it must be near dawn.

For some unfathomable reason I was standing in a corner of the room and everything in the room appeared to be seen through layers of pink and blue fine netting.  Strange, but not disturbingly so, I could also see in all directions at once, sides, back, front. It was weird and while unusual to me, not confusing.

Then I looked toward the bed my husband and I shared. Lying on his side of the bed was my husband and lying next to him was what appeared to be another woman. I watched for a few moments wondering what to do. Then I realized, the other woman in bed was me, or my physical counterpart and I was experiencing a  conscious out-of-body occurrence. My  surprise caused me to quickly re-enter my physical body.

It was midnight and still dark but I was now wide awake and in bed.  Gone was the twilight light I later learned is known to many as astral light. Gone also were the pink and blue spots I had viewed my bedroom  through. Meanwhile, my husband continued sleeping on unaware of my interesting experience.


The Spirit of Shirley Visited My Home.

During our psychic class my teacher Barbara, channeled different spirit entities and we were able to talk to them. One regular was a delightful young girl of about eight. She said her name was Shirley and when she spoke to me, she called me Mrs. Annette.

Shirley gave information on basic day-to-day activities that had happened in my household that could only have been known if Shirley had actually been there and seen them occur. These occurrences were so trite they did not rate a mention in adult company but were what a child would notice. Yes, I had no doubt of the truth of the fact,  Shirley did visit my home.


Spirit Calling

A dear friend had recently died and I attended his funeral. His partner, Sandra, also a friend, invited me to stay a few days with her. I accepted and when it was time to leave decided my departure would be very early the next morning.

The next day Sandra was in the kitchen getting breakfast for us while I went into the bathroom to have a shower. I’d only stripped off when in my mind came the song ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.’

Wrapping a towel around myself I went into the kitchen and asked Sandra if the song had any meaning for her. Sandra said it meant a lot because it was Ian’s favourite song.

I went back into the bathroom and other memories for Sandra kept coming into my mind. Each time one did I would wrap myself up again and go into the kitchen to ask Sandra if it meant anything to her. Each time whatever was said or ‘seen’ by me was validated by my friend.

It was great for Sandra but I was getting tired of being the messenger. Going back into the bathroom I mentally spoke to my friend Ian and told him I had a long way to drive, Sandra knew he was there, his purpose was achieved and now, please let me get on with my shower. Ian obliged and nothing else came through for Sandra.


If you wonder if Ian could see me naked, the answer is ‘no.’ Spirits do not see us as we appear in our mirror. They see our personal colorful energy patterns and recognize us that way. The same applies if we are in other situations when we would prefer to have privacy. They can see by our energy field color emanations and at these times do not intrude.


Attending a Seance

When I was a young teenager decades ago I attended my first séance with my uncle. The meeting was held in an old  stone double story home owed by an elderly English lady who was  the medium.

The medium, a gentle, friendly lady looked very much like my grandmother. She was dressed in a neat floral dress and mauve cardigan. A vegetarian, the medium cooked most of her food in olive oil, both concepts quite radical for the Australian diet  I was familiar with at the time.

The room the séance was held in was the parlour, a ground floor room at the front of the house and we joined the dozen or so other people who were already seated on a circle of chairs. All faced toward a  large gold cross in the centre.

A gas fire was burning in the grate nearby and I sat with my back to it. On the wall facing me was a large print of Jesus, and other men in robes I did not recognise. Once we were all seated the medium started the service with a prayer  and we sang some hymns. One  being sung was  “God be with us till we meet again.”

Then the main light was switched off and the only lighting in the room came from the feeble flame  of the gas fire and the street light shining through the lace curtains  over the long rectangular window. The medium said another prayer and welcomed any spirits who might wish to join us. All there bowed their head and closed their eyes. I was busy praying to God not to let anything come near or touch me. If anything does God, I silently prayed. They’ll have a spirit in the room alright. Mine, as I die of fright!

Well, nothing did come and touch me although I did feel at one stage as if something had glided past my back. Whether it was an over fertile imagination I would not like to say but others left the meeting happy and convinced they had received messages and guidance from  departed loved ones.


My First Psychic Consultation

At fifteen I went by train with a group of friends for my first psychic reading. We each had to take along an uncooked egg for our consultation.

We were welcomed at the door by a smiling, elderly lady and invited inside. With a rosy cheeks and broad Scottish accent she looked nothing like what I had expected.

We chatted briefly to the psychic and her elderly husband and learned that each consultation was to be done one at a time in another room. Those waiting for their turn talked amongst themselves and chatted to the old man.

Going in first I sat down facing the psychic and placed my uncooked egg carefully on the side table between us. I didn’t have any previous experience with private consultations and was concerned I might be told something horrible and scary. Well, I needn’t have worried.

Events from my past were mentioned first and I think that was to validate the psychic’s credentials. Then we got down to the future events I had come to hear.

Breaking the raw egg over a glass of water the psychic carefully separated the yolk from the white. The yolk went into a dish and the white went into the water. The formation of the white of the egg was extra divination.

Peering into the egg white the psychic saw me in a long white dress standing outside of a church,  A man from over the seas was to be my future husband and we would have two children I was told.

Other interesting information was given and once my consultation was completed I joined the others in the parlour while one of my friends took my place for her turn.

Back on the train we excitedly talked about our futures. Apparently we were all to be married. Good news for impressionable teenagers brought up on romantic novels and Hollywood movies.  It was never mentioned, nor was it part of our reality at the time that romantic love is not always everlasting and there may be more than one marriage for us.

I did meet and marry my man from over the seas. He came from Holland and we did have two children. I also married him in a church and I wore a long, white dress.


Other Ways Spirits Can Make Their Presence Known

Experience taught me sometimes souls might let their presence be known by a song coming into a person’s awareness. It may be as an old song not heard in ages but now it is being heard everywhere; in your mind, on the radio, television.

Perhaps seen from the corner of  your eyes is movement of a fleeting, elusive shadow.  A distinct odor of the  acrid smell of cigarette smoke; the aroma of  after shave or  the fragrance  of a once familiar perfume may be a soul’s way of letting a person know they are there. I think it depends on the ingenuity and expertise of the soul making the communication as to how it is achieved.

As an example; my daughter and I had a shared experience when my father wanted us to know he was with us. We were sitting  together on a small lounge suite in our family home. Sharon had her hands resting in her lap as she listened to something I was saying.

I stopped, fascinated by what was happening to her hands. Without her moving them they had changed and, superimposed over them were the long fingers and hands of my deceased father. My daughter, also psychic, was about twelve years old when this  happened and was able to see the transformation for herself.

I had never witnessed this type of thing happening but before I had a chance to ask my daughter if she felt something different her hands were back to normal and my father’s hands superimposed over mine.  This interchange happened several times and I think it was done  let us know my father was there and to impress on our consciousness the memory of it.


Help and Guidance From Spirit Relatives

In particularly difficult times in my adult life the form of my deceased but still loved grandfather appeared in my inner vision to give me the love and comfort I desperately needed at the time. The spirits of my father and grandmother also independently used to pop in from time to time too. They never usually spoke but I saw their presence as offering encouragement and support.

At one stressful time a few years ago, without prior indication, both of my grandparents appeared together . My grandfather stood behind my grandmother as she uttered one sentence. The impact of the words given in that one sentence were what I needed to hear at the time and my feelings of despair changed to elation by what was said and my realisation of  how loved I still was by these two souls and the understanding that death only takes the physical body  but the spirit continues on.


Ingenious Ways Spirit Can Let Us Know of Their Presence

I  was passing through the dining room to get to the kitchen to make breakfast. In my dining room I have an arrangement of a few family photos on a glass table. My sight was attracted by one of the photos. It was of Ed, my brother, and his photo image was bathed in light.

I looked around  for the light source but saw none.The angle of my brother’s photo, the only one in the group to be illuminated, angled away from the window that still had block out curtains pulled over them.Putting it down to one of nature’s curiosities and, having to get breakfast, I went on with my daily tasks and didn’t think any more of it – until today.


Glancing at the photo I was drawn to the date and then realised – the day I saw the photo bathed in light was two years to the day my brother died.  I have not seen the light again and wonder if it will happen again on the same day next year. Or if it was Ed, as spirit, letting me know he is okay .


On Respecting Other People’s Energy Fields

I had only just learned to read people’s energy fields (auras) and hadn’t learned to handle the situation properly.

One day, as part of  group of women doing craft at a table we started to chat. Unfamiliar to each other we asked the usual type of questions to get more friendly and keep conversation going.

To add to the conversation I mentioned that I was able to see  energy fields and some of what they contained. I then asked the group if they wanted to know what I saw in theirs?  They did, except for one woman who said nothing. Continue reading “On Respecting Other People’s Energy Fields”